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Awards Athens Chamber Nov. 2022

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In a brilliant event, with artistic color but also emotional moments, the”Sustainable – Innovative & Responsible Entrepreneurship” awards of theAthens Chamber of Commerce were awarded, on Monday, November 28, 2022, atthe “Stavros Niarchos” Foundation Cultural Center in the Stavros NiarchosHall of the Greek Parliament.During the event, awards were given to small and medium-sized enterprisesthat succeeded in adverse conditions, not just to survive, but to grow andinnovate, strengthening the prospects for the recovery of the Greek economy.

At the same time, special honorary awards were given to people distinguished for their achievements and contribution to society as a whole.

In his speech, the President of the E.E.A. Mr. Yiannis Hatzitheodosiou referred among other things, to the importance of the evening, noting: “These Awards honor small and medium-sized businesses and professionals whoserve this purpose in practice. Who – despite the times – continue to lookup. They keep trying, innovating, growing. They continue to be guided bystrong principles and values. To behave responsibly towards society and theenvironment. At the same time, we honor people who stand out for theirachievements and contributions to society as a whole.”

The event was attended by most important Greek chambers.

GPCCI Was represented by its President Mrs Rubina Markopoulou.

GPCCI ispreparing Under the hospices of the Athens Chamber of Commerce A conference with the Pakistani companies existing in Greece ,In order to communicate and promote their existence in Greece and Pakistan.

We hereby include a photograph of all the invited Chambers‘ Presidents.

From left to right are the following:Mr. Giorgos Kavvathas: President of the Panhellenic Federation ofRestaurants and Related ProfessionsMr. Nikolaos Grendzelos, First Vice-President of the Athens Chamber ofCommerce,Mr.Alexandros Paschos, President of Thesprotia Chamber,Mr. Yiannis Hatzitheodosiou : President of Athens Chamber of Commerce Mr. Photios Damoulos, President of Argolis Chamber,Mr. Stavros Spathis, President of the Chamber of Kefallinia and Ithaca,

Mrs Rubina Makropoulou President of the Hellenic-Pakistani Chamber ofCommerce and Industry

Mr.Sotiris Skiadaresis, President of the Lefkada Chamber.



Video from the event of the Pakistani community in Greece with the “Muslims of America” Chairman and consultant of President Trump Mr. Sajid Tarar in Athens, on November 15th, 2019.

Press Release


On Friday, October 18, 2019, Iftikhar Uddin, Secretary-General of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industries, arrived in Athens for a day to meet with the President of the GPCCI, Mrs. Markopoulou Rubina, to confirm that the relations between the two are strong and that there will be good cooperation between the two Chambers to the future.

There has been a cancellation of the Delegation that was scheduled due to a change of President of Rawalpindi Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industries, but we will certainly continue our cooperation at the next Delegation and at the appropriate levels to open the way for cooperation between the two countries and the two Chambers.


Rubina Markopoulou, President & Founder of GPCCI
Dimitrios Makrypidis, General Secretary