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The Greek-Pakistani Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) is an independent, non- profit organization that helps people thrive, businesses excel and communities prosper. Since 2017, the GPCCI has leveraged the collective strength of the private sector to make a positive impact on the communities. The GPCCI connects local businesses and all levels of government to create an environment for the economic development.

Who we are

The chamber is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated into improving the economic environment. The strength of the GPCCI lies in the membership, local businesses and businessmen.

The Chamber’s goals, strategic plan and policies are established by a board of directors, with a sharp focus in providing value to members, for an Economic and Business Development. Legislative and Government Affairs Committees, will facilitate communication with members in order to provide input to input and ensure the Chamber activities offer, the necessary support to members.


Read our mission, vision and core values.

What we do

The Greek- Pakistani Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the best advocate for the members and their economic development interests. The Chamber provides a strong and an effective voice to influence change that will ensure prosperous economy between the two countries. This can be achieved by developing effective relationships between the elected representatives and the staff at the local, state and federal level of the two countries ensuring that business interest is represented and the voice of business is heard.

Moreover, opportunities of interacting with decision-makers at all levels are offered. Apart from the fact that regular meetings are held between the Chamber and the cooperative networks leadership and the Greek government, the chamber also interacts with trade delegates from the local and international market.

The Greek- Pakistani Chamber of Commerce and Industry is essential to the economic growth of the community by making introductions and keeping its membership in touch with changes to the regional economic climate. International trade and investment create prosperity, achieve progress and avert financial hardships, and assists in the overall well-being of the community.